Crystal Balls & Stone Spheres

Quartz Crystal Balls, Eggs, & Stone Spheres Quartz Crystal Balls (spheres) are ancient magickal tools. They represent the Goddess on the Altar and their natural cold temperature is symbolic of the depths of the sea. Scott Cunningham (a famous Wiccan author) describes that: "The Crystal has long been used in contemplative divination. The diviner gazes into the ball until the psychic faculties blossom, and images, seen in the mind or projected by it into the depths of the crystal, reveal the necessary information. Periodic exposure to moonlight, or rubbing the crystal with fresh mugwort, will increase its ability to spark our psychic powers. It may be the center of Full Moon rituals." Freshly dried Mugwort is available on our Herbs page. It can take thousands of years for a natural quartz crystal to reach the size required to make a crystal ball. Many crystal balls available by other shops are made of leaded glass, glass, or reconstituted quartz. All of our crystal balls are 100% Natural Quartz Crystal! You can tell that a crystal ball is made of Natural Quartz based on inclusions and irregularities, which occur naturally as the crystal is formed. The clearer a Natural Quartz Crystal is, the more valuable it is.

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