The Gaia Project: 2012 The Earth's Coming Great Changes

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Author: Hwee-Yong Jang
ISBN: 0-7387-1042-3

You've seen the signs: earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, holes in the ozone layer, an increase in UFO sightings. You've asked yourself, What is going on? But thats not the question you should be asking. The real question is, Why are these massive Earth changes occurring now? The answer, according to the channeling, clairvoyance and dreamwork of Hwee-Yong Jang is revealed in The Gaia Project, and the answer is a wild rollercoaster of a ride that begins millions of years ago. At that time it was decided that the universe needed to move to a higher dimension, a higher spiritual level. A galaxy was chosen to begin this process and the energy that would eventually become the physical Earth was selected to be the center of this massive change. The reason for the many Earth changes we're now experiencing is that this massive project is now coming to its climax. It will finish in the year 2012, and you must ask yourself if you are ready for what is to come. The common goal of all beings on the Earth is to extend their learning and expand their consciousness through various experiences. The Gaia Project provides that knowledge by revealing the past, present and future of this vast, time and space-shaking scenario. To prepare for what will happen you have to discover what has been and what will be:

Read about the Earth before it existed on the physical plane
Discover the mysteries of ancient Lemuria and why it sank 200,000 years ago
Learn about the rise of Atlantis and how it disappeared 5,000 years ago
Uncover how karma, reincarnation and our 10- dimensional universe are interrelated
Find out the truth about the recent increase in earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters
Learn the future of the Earth, our galaxy and the universe
Uncover the secrets of the vast program of universal change known as the Gaia Project

The Earth is the Key
Just as the goal for each of us is to expand our consciousnesses, from its very inception, our Earth has had a special purpose to raise the consciousness of the entire galaxy. It has allowed all of us to experience everything so that we can learn from our experiences and evolve. By the end of 2012 the Earth will be completely changed and start its new history. All the beings who have lived here will be spread out to numerous stars and planets throughout the universe. Only this book can prepare you.

Why the Increase in Earthquakes?
The Earth functions as a type of training field for self-learning through experiences. Beings from all over the universe are here as types of trainees. As part of their training they discharge all sorts of impure energy generated from what they have experienced. The Earth has silently accepted and purified this energy, but even our massive planet has its limitations. When the volume of contamination exceeds those limitations, the Earth must purify its own energy by trembling, shaking and twisting its body.

2012 Marks the End of the Changes
According to the author, there is no possibility whatsoever that the Great Change coming to the Earth can be delayed or stopped. You must be prepared for what is to come. This is the only guidebook of the Earths Great Change which is in progress now ... [It contains] all of the core truth that all of the people living on the Earth surely need to read and understand ... The content of this book is completely true. You dare not miss The Gaia Project.

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