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Pentagram Tongs for Charcoal


I love these pentagram charcoal tongs, and I have to say they are one of my favourite products in the order. They are simple, nicely made, and quite flexible, which is good for me as I have some issues with muscles and joints that make it a bit painful to have to squeeze tongs with a lot of pressure. They are a nice size, and they come in handy for other things besides the charcoal discs. For example, I have some small pieces of Palo Santo wood, and the tongs are perfect to hold on to the wood while burning it for smudging. And come on - they have a pentacle on each side. How could one not love that? At this price, if you use charcoal discs for incense and herbs or have any other use for tongs, I recommend you order one or two of these.

I have to add that I received my order yesterday, and was thrilled with how quickly it arrived - less than a week after I ordered. As this came from the US to Canada, I was very impressed. Everything was well packaged and came undamaged. I also discovered a free sample of incense - 4 cones of Ritual Magick Woods. I'm burning it now and love it. I've dealt with Ritual Magick once before, many years ago, and have found them to be an excellent company with good products - I highly recommend them.
Date Added: 07/23/2016 by Pam Sacknea
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