Oak Grove Wand – Clear Quartz



This elegant and simple Oak Wand contains a sphere surrounded by pewter oak leaves. The shaft is natural oak wood. Each one is cleansed and blessed as part of its creation. Beautifully crafted in lead free pewter. This Wand combines the energy of sacred groves and ancient forests. Oak is a symbol of strength, wisdom, sacred knowledge, Earth, and the miracles of nature’s cycles. The fine finish on the Oak shaft gives it a soft glow. Colored waxes can be rubbed into the oak to give it a subtle and unique energy that is all your own. Candles, especially those used for sacred circles or rituals, work well for this. Stones, charms and other small treasures can also be attached to the Oak shaft. Measures approx. 11″ in length.

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Weight 2 lbs


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