Willowroot Pewter & Crystal Wands

Abby Willowroot has been creating Goddess Images in jewelry, sculpture and graphics since 1971. Her dedication to re-birthing Goddess Culture has produced thousands of original Goddess images.
Nine pieces of Abby Willowroot’s jewelry are in the permanent collection of the
Smithsonian Institution.

“Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands” are created from the finest materials and carefully crafted with positive intention. Abby is always aware that she is not just making an object, she is making a Magic Wand! . . . maybe Your Wand.

All of the stones she uses are cleansed and “smudged”. All of her Wands are Blessed upon completion.

For over 30 years Abby Willowroot has been creating sacred imagery for the Metaphysical community. That experience and the insight it brings have been woven into these amazing Tools of Transformation.

Abby first began creating Magic Wands in the early 1980’s and showed them at the California Renaissance Pleasure Faires. The following for her beautiful “one of a kind” Wands grew and grew. Time limited the number of Wands that could be made and the demand quickly outweighed the supply.

Now, a select edition of Abby’s Wands are available for those who want the magic and artistry, but prefer a more economically priced Wand.

Each of her Wands comes with a small booklet that shows you how to get started working with your Wand, and how to dedicate and consecrate it. The Wands also come with a small booklet of Spells. These are simple Spells for Healing, Prosperity, Love, Claiming Your Power, Balance etc.

All of the Willowroot Wands we offer below are made with lead-free pewter and each comes with a signed, numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Each Wand also comes in its own clear protective storage tube.

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