Blessed Herbal Candles by Coventry Creations


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Made When The Moon Is Right

Old World Wisdom and Folklore

Old World Wisdom Blended with Today’s Needs to Create Your Own Magic! Blessed Herbal Candles are created with herbs, oils and related colors to help achieve your dreams. Each candle includes a beautiful uplifting blessing and message. Each candle measures 1½” x 7½” with a 40 hour burn time and safe cotton wicking.

Quote from the creators of these magickal candles:
“We tapped into the ancient mystical secrets of herbal magic and by all of our customer’s accounts, IT WORKS! Making herbal candles is something we take very seriously. Starting with purposeful recipes and high quality materials, we add in the magic of personal blessings while hand pouring them during the phase of the moon that will best intensify their energy. The styles available address any need one may encounter in their travels through life. These beautiful candles have an old-world hand made look.”

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Weight 1 lbs
Blessed Herbal Style

Attraction/Love, Emotional Balance, Energy/Will (Fire), Happiness, Happy Home/Peace and Serenity, Healing, Heart, Inner Balance, Love’s Enchantment, Money Draw, Needed Changes, Problem Solving, Prosperity, Protection, Spiritual Cleansing, Stability, Truth & Justice


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