Chakra Healing Wand


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Beautifully crafted, this Chakra Healing Wand is a beautiful instrument of magic and crystal healing practice. Wands are traditionally tools used to direct, transfer, and amplify energies, and the Chakra Healing Wand is certainly tailored to these tasks. The quartz point at its end and the quartz ball at the back serve to store, gather, and direct the energies that you utilize, while the precious stones that have been set into its surface match the colors of the chakras, helping you to align, cleanse, heal, or utilize these energy centers of the body within your magical practice. Each Chakra Healing Wand measures approximately 6″ – 7″ in length. Please allow for some variance in coloring and size, due to the crystal formations used in its creation.

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Amethyst, Lapis, Rose Quartz


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