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Dancing the Goddess Incarnate: Living the Magic of Maiden, Mother & Crone

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Author: Dorothy Morrison & Kristin Madden
ISBN: 9780738706368

Life is an adventure, a game, a dance. Whether you’re shakin’ it at the disco with Athena or doing the Charleston with Hecate, each goddess offers vital lessons for exploring-and enjoying-every facet of our lives.

No matter your age, Dancing the Goddess Incarnate can help you get in touch with the maiden, mother, and crone within. You don’t have to know the rhythm or the steps. Simply allow each of the nine goddesses to lead you onto the dance floor, outside your comfort zone, where you’ll learn to unlock creativity, rediscover play, strategize success, and nurture yourself. This fun Pagan guide to self-exploration includes meditations, games, magic tips, herbal remedies, and exercises that can-with help from the goddesses-bring balance, beauty, and joy into your life.

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