Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic


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Author: Scott Cunningham
ISBN: 9780875421216
5¼”x8″, illus.,tables

Magick is the art of working with the forces of Nature to bring about necessary and desired changes. The forces of Nature-expressed through Earth, Air, Fire and Water-are our “spiritual ancestors” who paved the way for our emergence from the prehistoric seas of creation. Attuning to and working with these energies in magick not only lends you the power to affect changes in your life, it also allows you to sense your own place in the larger scheme of Nature. Using the “Old Ways” enables you to live a better life and to deepen your understanding of the world. The tools and powers of magick are around you, waiting to be grasped and utilized. This book gives you the means to put Magick into your life, shows you how to make and use the tools, and gives you spells for every purpose.

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