Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals for Modern Living


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Author: Dorothy Morrison
ISBN: 9781567184693

Is it time for a change? Is it time to improve your life with a better job, a happier home, or more romance? Then you need Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison! This is magic for modern Wiccans, and for everyone regardless of their religious affiliation. It is filled with hundreds of spells, chants, rituals, charms and formulas for incenses and oils. Every one is tested and powerful yet easy to use.
Sure, there are spells for romance and prosperity. Those are as important today as they were a thousand years ago. But this book also presents magic that deals with today’s problems. Speed up your computer’s modem. Make sure your luggage arrives safely; ease labor pains; free yourself from anger; find a parking spot. These are all things we need and that you can do by following the simple instructions in this book!

One of the roadblocks to successful magical workings that many people face is finding the proper oils and incenses. Morrison’s solution: Make them yourself! But don’t use the old techniques that take hours, days, or even weeks to accomplish. Instead, you’ll learn how to use common appliances such as a drip coffee maker, a blender, and a crock pot to create your own powerful incenses, oils, washes, brews, and more. What a practical timesaver!

And saving time in today’s world is what this book is all about. Of course, if the spells, charms, rituals and techniques weren’t practical and effective, saving time would be meaningless. Well, what you’ll learn here is powerful — and is presented by a woman who has been a Witch for more than 20 years and taught on two continents!

Now is the time for you to make the move that will change your life for the better. Get Everyday Magic and start the process that will lead to fulfillment!

Winner of the 1999 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for best general interest book

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