Aura Reading for Beginners: Develop Your Psychic Awareness for Health & Success


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Author: Richard Webster
ISBN: 9781567187984

Fully comprehend those around you by learning to read their aura, the energetic manifestation of the soul. Watch for a dirty red haze around those who have just lost their temper, or an expanded aura for those doing philanthropic deeds. Learn to see auras through the proven methods taught by Richard Webster in his psychic training classes, including exploring the chakra system and learning how to restore balance. Then, begin to imprint your desires into your aura to attract what you want in your life. These proven methods for seeing and reading auras will help you:

Interpret the meanings of colors in the aura
Find a career that is best suited for you
Relate better to the people in your life
Enjoy excellent health
Discover areas of your life that you need to work on
Imprint what you want in your future into your aura
Discover the signs of impending ill health, drug abuse, and pain
Change the state of your aura and stimulate specific chakras through music, crystals, color

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